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Boticelli's The Birth of Venus.
Self portrait of Vincent van Gogh.
Cowboy riding on a horse, waking up others.

Fine Art

Everett represents three strong and diverse fine art collections. Additional permissions due to artist's estates are noted in the captions.

AISA is a worldwide collection of historical events, personalities, and cultures. It includes iconic artworks, illustration, and photography from all ages of human history. European museum collections are richly represented with an especially extensive Hispanic offering.

ELECTA's core collection is master paintings from Italian museums, private collections, and cultural sites. The paintings are presented with many close-up details illuminating the artists' style, and of intriguing objects, faces, clothing, fashion, and daily life. Architectural images document Italian, West Asia, and Islamic sites. Included is a rich selection of Impressionists masterworks from French collections. Renaissance, Baroque, Post Impressionism, Pointillism, and Rococo periods are also well represented.

SUPERSTOCK's collection has a focus on paintings, prints and illustrations of American history. Spanning the centuries from Columbus' landing in 1492 to present day, the history of the people, events and environment of the U.S. is illustrated in depth. It includes period portraits, historical events, landscape and urban scenes, domestic life and great moments in the development of the American nation.